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 Crimping Tool Systems

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 Crimping Tool Systems Detail :

  Crimping Tool
Systems :

The basic requirement for Crimping of Aluminium/Tinned copper Terminals, Lugs, Connectors etc. is a Crimping Tool. Hence, we have incorporated a Special Tools Division to take care of the same. Our Tools Division have visualised the project and under rigirous R&D have developed and introduced a small and needest range of hand operated Crimping Tools Systems including Dies, Jigs, Fixtures etc. Our range at present is as under :-


Backed by an experience of more than a decade we are able to develop and manufacture flawless Crimping Tools, incorporated/induced with latest technology of Crimping.
We are confident that 'APPLE' will meet your expectations in terms of Quality and Perfection.
The process of change in technology is keeping us engaged in modifying the design. We reserve the right to do so.

Sr No. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Item No. B-16 E-95 F-185 F1-185 G-400 G1-400
Range 0.5mm2 to 16mm2 10mm2 to 95mm2 10mm2 to 185mm2 10mm2 to 185mm2 50mm2 to 400mm2 (Aluminium)
50mm2 to 240mm2 (Copper)
50mm2 to 400mm2 (Aluminium)
50mm2 to 300mm2 (Copper)

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